Dominic Brown at home

This artwork comes with a little story.
A couple of days ago i received a private message from @IamAbdurabi, saying that he loved my art and that he wants to create a video for me because of his drive to capture beautiful and creative things. We met up for the first time last Saturday where i invited him to my pop up gallery. We talked easily and it was a nice meeting. Yesterday he came to visit my place where i work on my computer and do my drawings. I got to create some drawings while he was filming me. I am a bad actor so i really was drawing stuff. Eventually there was a sketch that i thought looked good enough to work out further. After some recording here we went to my studio and we did some more recording there. We had some food after and some more interesting talks about life and so. When he left i got to work on the sketch again for some time and voila, see the result here. I really love these kind of meetings with people because of my artworks and in this case the artwork became to life because of this meeting. We are all so much more connected then we can imagine..Thanks Iamabdurabi for reaching out with your enthusiasm, i look forward to the video and doing more projects in the future, this artworks is also yours in a way. 😉

*the first picture is an impression – This is how i visualise and finish colours in my artwork by looking at them on a wall, it works. 🙂