Dominic maakt grote muurschildering bij entree Den Haag CS

Dominic heeft namens Modern Murals in samenwerking met Feest aan Zee twee grote muurschilderingen gerealiseerd bij de entree van Den

Dominic Brown at home

Short clip of me drawing at home. Video created by Iamabdurabi.

In the gallery of Dominic Brown

Me at work in my gallery, located in Rijswijk, The Netherlands

New Art ‘a Helping Hand’

Have been working on these 2 pieces…

Work in progress

Have been working on these 2 pieces…

New Art Work ‘Kuiken’

Have been working on these 2 pieces…

Drawing of August the 6th 2019

Drawing of today.

New Art Work

Finished this artwork today.
Untitled yet.

Video of ‘Bobba Fett’ in progress

Short clip of me working on my artwork “Bobba Fett”.

New Work, version 2

I created a different version of Jawbreaker, this time in purple blue.

New Work

Art work finished today.
Original painting 1/1

Cool to be an artist

A videoclip in which I try to explain why it is so cool to be an artist.

Video of ‘Venom’ in progress

Video of me working on art work ‘Venom’.