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Dominic Brown, born 1983, is a contemporary artist from The Netherlands.

He is known for his groundbreaking use of digital techniques to create his unique artistic output. He produces paintings, murals and fabric designs. His painterly output can be divided in three main categories: portraits, landscapes and abstractions. His densely layered compositions are easily recognizable and are full of juxtapositions in color, form and techniques. They look dynamic and spontaneous yet are balanced and well thought out in equal measure.

Brown finds his inspiration mostly in ancient civilizations, for example Egyptian or Greek, but also Mayan, Incan and African influences can be seen. He focuses his attention on murals, hieroglyphs, symbols, mythology and architecture from the sites he visits, just recently in Mexico. Brown blends these sources into his very own and unique visual language. That is largely due to his unique creative process and the way he combines the use of so many different techniques and materials. It may surprise people that, for an artist who has been influenced by computer-technology the most part of his creative career, every new art work starts with the act of drawing in a sketchbook with a pencil. After he finishes his drawings they are scanned and the digital phase begins as he reworkes and perfects his drawings into a colorful composition.

When the digital file is ready Brown prints it on canvas, dibond aluminum or wood in the highest quality, usually in a limited edition. It doesn’t end here though. Manual labor resumes for the artist now for every work gets finalized in its own unique way with different materials such as texture gel, colored markers, paint, glitters and small leaves of gold. Never was the term ‘mixed media’ so appropriate. The whole process stems from his conviction that art should be innovative and go beyond the traditional art practice. It shows that the boundaries between different media are indeed fading and that artists like Brown are in the forefront guiding others how to fulfill the promise of this new artistic tradition.

(Text by Jurgen Vermaire of @lets_talk_about_art)